2017 Favorites: July

July simultaneously felt really long and felt like it flew by — I don’t know how, but it did. My monthly focus for July was reading, and I did a fair amount of it, so most of my favorites this month are book related.


My favorite read-a-thon to participate in (and really the only one I do participate in, though I plan on doing more in the future) is BookTube-A-Thon, hosted by Ariel Bissett. You don’t have to be a BookTuber to participate and I do it every year – it’s so much fun and a little stressful. It’s a week long, with many challenges, but the main challenge is to read seven books. I did not. I plan on writing a wrap up post soon.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

One of the books I read during BookTube-A-Thon was by my favorite author Victoria Schwab titled This Savage Song. It’s set in an alternate future of the United States, telling the story of two teens from opposite sides of a divided city, crossing paths long after “the phenomenon,” an event where monsters are created from acts of violence. It’s such an imaginative, cool world and the story was engaging from start to finish. It’s just a really awesome book and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Another book I read for BookTube-A-Thon was the novella Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. It’s a sci-fi story about a girl named Binti, chosen to go to the best university in the galaxy, having to survive an attack by an alien race on the ship taking her there. It’s one of the most interesting, imaginative stories I’ve ever read, from an incredible perspective of a black woman that doesn’t often get the attention from the mainstream as it should, especially in this genre — it’s the only one I’ve ever really heard of, but I know there is more out there. I’m excited to find more stories similar and I’ll be starting with the sequels to Binti.

Call Me By Your Name (Trailer)

Technically, the trailer came out in August and I’m writing this in August, but I don’t want to wait to talk about this film. I’m incredibly excited to watch Call Me By Your Name, a gay-themed drama starring Armie Hammer (one of my favorite actors). I’ve been waiting for this trailer for so long, ever since hearing about the film — I’ve watched it a dozen times already. And, it’s an adaptation of a book, so I’ll be hunting for that to read in time before the film is released.

In A Heart Beat 

This entire list is either something book related or something gay. I’m not mad about it. In A Heartbeat is the most adorable gay-themed animated short about a school kid who has a crush on his classmate and his heart becomes anthropomorphic, chasing down his crush, risking the boy being outed. It’s adorable, the music is perfect, and it’s an instant classic up there with some of my favorite animated shorts like Paperman, which has a similar vibe.

So that’s all my favorite books/films/etc. things from July!

2017 Favorites: May

May was SO FULL of favorites, y’all, I can’t even believe I discovered all these things this month. I actually cut two out because it has to stop somewhere, otherwise I’ll be just listing things I’ve done or used all month. There’s basically two categories to this month’s favorites: apps and podcasts, with a TV show thrown in accidentally. Here are my May favorites:

Trial & Error

This show was supposed to be one of my April favorites, but I completely forgot to add it. The mockumentary comedy stars John Lithgow as an eccentric and oblivious man accused of killing his wife in a small, Southern town, accompanied by a ridiculous set of characters. It’s hilariously written and outrageously, ridiculously silly. It’s a fun time.


Eating healthy is hard. Losing weight is hard. Keeping track of calories and protein and fat and blah blah blah, you lost me, get me another burger—it’s hard. I’ve struggled with my weight and staying healthy a long time. And thanks to starting to use MyFitnessPal app on my phone, I’ve been able to keep track of what I’m eating, the calories, fat, sugar—not just trying to keep it under a certain number (which has been a struggle in the past) but keep in a healthy “zone.” I want to post about my new dietary changes in another post, but since using the app, I’ve lost 13 pounds. The app makes it easy to enter what I’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and it breaks everything down for me, so I know if I’m getting enough protein, having too much sugar, everything. It’s one of the coolest apps ever, and the best part for me, it syncs with my Fitbit, so it accounts for the steps I’m getting and automatically logs my calories into my Fitbit app, so it’s all together and organized to help me stay on target.


I’ve had this on my computer for a while as a 30 day free trial, losing a day every time I open it. After a year or so of wanting to use it more, I finally paid for it, and have loved it even more than I thought I would. It’s a program (by the same company who created Scrivener, my favorite writing program) that makes it easy to brainstorm digitally. You can write notes, connect them to each other with lines, use arrows, pin images. It’s amazing. I’ve been using it for writing books, creating family trees and diagrams and outlines. It’s such a great tool that now allows me to be free of wasting pages and pages and pages of paper in a notebook. Let’s be real, I’ll still do that anyway, but Scapple makes it easy to save to Scrivener, so I have everything I need right in my file for referencing. It’s awesome.


And, the nerdiest thing on this favorites list goes to…Evernote. The best app I’ve ever found (sorry, Scapple, you work for one thing, this works for another) that I can use on my phone, as a Google Chrome extension, and as a program on my computer, all syncing perfectly together in harmony. Evernote is basically for note taking, but it can be used for anything. You can have folders with references, images, and notes at the ready. The Chrome extension is awesome for saving sites as simplified versions, which is great for articles you want to read later (though I also use Pocket for this) and recipes you find online (I do this a lot), quickly clipping the site from online and saving it to your notes in a folder you choose that can be accessed from your phone. The app for iPhone can take a picture of a document and essentially scan it, making an image you can save and reference back to. It would be great for receipts and important documents. You can make to do lists. Everything syncs perfectly, so you can work while on the go, at your desk, whatever. It’s incredible and I’ve been using it everyday for at least one thing since I downloaded it, and I haven’t even begun to start really diving in.

Recently, I’ve been getting into podcasts a lot. I’ve been listening to one every day while on my morning walk. Here are the few I’ve been listening to and loving this month:

Portrait of a Freelancer

One of my favorite YouTubers, Ariel Bissett, recently started a podcast about becoming a freelancer, documenting the journey and talking about the struggles and successes starting something new. The podcast is really great, especially because I’m also getting started with freelancing, so it came at the perfect time for me to be inspired and listen to someone else’s perspective on a similar path.


I don’t remember if I’ve ever talked about Spirits before, but it’s honestly my favorite podcast right now. I absolutely love mythology and legends, and hosts Amanda and Julia are hilarious, making the drunken storytelling podcast both highly entertaining and informative in my favorite area of history.

Story Not Story

Hosted by YouTuber Craig (WheezyWaiter) and his wife Chyna, the two tell bedtime stories, off the top of their heads while in bed, and record it for the podcast. They’re both funny and the stories vary, from the planets reacting to Pluto’s demotion to a story about the first water slide, ridden by micro-organisms, all ridiculous and hilarious.

2017 Favorites: April

Alien: Covenant

Alien is one of my favorite horror/space movies of all time. There’s a special place for it in my heart. Though I’m not such a fan of its sequels, I am a huge fan of the recent connected series that began with 2012’s Prometheus and the sequel to it, the upcoming Alien: Covenant. I don’t know where I’ve been, but the trailer for Alien: Covenant has been released for quite a while, but I just found it online. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to find the connections to Prometheus—I know Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace may be reprising their roles, and that there will be a second sequel, set between the first two films with them in it—and a prologue was just released online with them in it. The film looks great and I can’t wait to see it.


Peak is an app I saw advertised on Instagram. I usually never click on the ads, but it looks interesting, and I’m all for these kinds of games. The app sets up a brain game schedule for you (I chose to do it every day) where you play four games (or if you go Pro, six, which I think is a little too expensive for what it is, but whatever) that help sharpen your mind a little each day. So far, I’ve been gradually making progress with some of the games, and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s basically just really fun puzzles and number and words games that you play, then it tells you how your improving with different skills, like memory, problem solving, and focus, and compares you with others in your age group to see how your doing. It’s mostly just fun.

So Says I – the Shins

I’d heard this song on an episode of Gilmore Girls a long time ago, and with every rewatch of that episode, I like the song more. The band plays it live in a bar in the show and with my recent rewatch of the episode, I just had to find it and buy it. I’m glad I did, because it’s been on repeat the last few weeks—a new favorite that I’d had all along and didn’t know it.


The epic poem taught in high school is boring—but only boring because it’s in your high school english class, which makes everything, no matter what the topic, boring. But reading it for pleasure is a whole other experience. We only read passages during school, and though I did enjoy it at the time, it’s something completely different reading it all together. Seamus Heaney did a brilliant job translating it to modern english for us to enjoy today.

2017 Favorites: March

I usually write up a list of my favorites throughout the month, but I’d forgotten to do that in March. So when I went to write this post, I thought I’d have nothing to write up about—then I remembered all of these and had way more than I thought I did! It’s been a long, weird month that blurred into February in my memory a lot, so I was surprised that all of these things were in one month.

Green Light – Lorde

Lorde had new music out and it’s amazing. She’s one of my favorites and “Green Light” is a jam, a little different from her earlier work, but just as incredible. I, like many, have been listening to it all month on repeat.


This is one of the best science fiction films I’ve ever watched and certainly the best alien movie I’ve ever seen—the only other favorite of mine that tops it, is Alien. I did not expect Arrival to be what it was. After hearing it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, I was stunned—“Arrival? That alien movie with Amy Adams that I saw a commercial for that one time and never thought more about? Huh.” And then I watched it and I understood. Amy Adams is incredible—honestly should’ve been nominated for Best Actress, which I’m sure she was close to getting—and the screenplay is just perfect. The visuals, the sound, everything. The only problem I had was the score—though I loved it—often made it confusing to know what was meant to be music and what the characters were hearing. Otherwise, Arrival is an incredible film, as moving as it is mind-blowing.

Feud: Bette and Joan

My mother and I have a weird bond with film and television—we watch Bates Motel every week together (more on that later) and, speaking of Alien, it’s one of our shared favorite movies. Another favorite is Mommie Dearest, the story of Joan Crawford’s abuse toward her daughter…which we watch every Mother’s Day. We love old movies, old Hollywood stars, and especially the drama that happened at the time surrounding them. When we learned about Feud: Bette and Joan, we were all in. Following the infamous feud between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during and after the filming of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? played by Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange, the show is a lot of fun to watch. Though not without its faults, we watch it every week and can’t get enough.

Bates Motel

Did I mention my mom and I have weird taste of things to watch together? Like, Bates Motel is not the best show for a mother and son to watch together, yet here we are, five seasons in, having watched every episode. Season five of Bates Motel is the best yet. The performances by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga are at a genius level, the writing is perfect, and the entire show has been an incredible ride. In the show, we’ve reached the point of overlapping with the story of Hitchcock’s Psycho which the show is a spin-off/quasi-prequel of, sharing characters and elements, though constantly diverging from the source material to keep it fresh: The show has a 60s style, though it’s a modern setting, and more recently, *SPOILER* the famous shower scene murder isn’t done to Marion Crane, played brilliantly by Rihanna, but her lover Sam Loomis, played by Austin Nichols. Speaking of, the shower scene was an incredible homage to the original, not a perfect shot-for-shot but an inspired, fresh take on it, with many shots being similar but not overly copied. Though the season isn’t over quite yet (most of it aired in March, which is why I’m mentioning it this month) it’s been the best season of the show yet.

A Conjuring of Light

The final book in the trilogy by my favorite author V.E. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light is so so so good. I’m not finished with it, but since I read most of the book in March, I’m adding it here. It’s such a great series and so far, this book is the perfect end to the trilogy.

Monthly Selections – December 2016

Last favorites post of the year! I can’t quite believe that this year is over already. But I can at the same time. It’s been a rough, long, difficult year that has seemed to have flown by now that it’s over. December was a busy month with finishing school and the holidays, but I do have some new favorites to share:

Fitbit Alta

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been wanting to exercise more and be more healthy. Well, I haven’t really done that very well, starting the year off great and becoming too busy to really focus on it again mid-summer. But in the past few weeks I’ve started up again and plan to all through the rest of the winter and next year. Anyway, since the start of the year, I’ve wanted a Fitbit Alta but couldn’t afford it. After I got some birthday money in July, I saved it and added a few dollars every month, until at the end of November during a cyber Monday sale online, I was able to get it for $80 instead of $130. And after using it for about a month, I love it. The app that goes with it is great for keeping track of what I eat, how much water I’m drinking, how much sleep I’m getting. And it looks great. I’ve been surprised at how accurate it is with steps and when I’m sleeping. Over the holidays, I’ve been doing almost nothing but eating and lying around, so it hasn’t been useful the last week or so, but starting in the new year, I’m really excited to start exercising even more and putting it to good use.

Little lights

I ordered these string lights, a pack os six, just for fun as an add-on of a different order from Amazon because they were on sale. And when I received them, I was thrilled with how they looked so much so that I bought a second pack of them. I bought the ones by Kohree and they come in different lengths and amounts. They’re perfect for just stringing up around your space, for small Christmas scenes with bottlebrush trees, wrapping around garland, or even on a mini tree like I did in my bedroom. They’re surprisingly bright and easy to manipulate, they’re kind of just copper wires with tiny lights attached that are barely visible when off.

Little tree in my bedroom. Too excited to sleep! Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎅🏼🎁✨

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I didn’t have a whole lot of new discoveries this month but I know I will have a lot for January, as I have gift cards aplenty from Christmas and will be finding all sorts of music and books and movies in the new year!

Monthly Selections – November 2016

November! I have a lot of favorites from November (even more than I’m listing here) and I’m completely surprised. I haven’t had much time lately for anything but work and NaNoWriMo, so to have found anything this month other than those things is incredible. Here we go!

True Lemon

I struggle with staying hydrated, mostly because water is my last choice of something to drink because it’s boring and flavorless (duh). I force myself to drink it as often as possible by itself but I usually add fresh lemon juice, which can be a hassle and costs a lot when produce prices go up, or I add some unhealthy, sugary drink mix. So my aunt introduced me to True Lemon packets, which are the GREATEST THING EVER. It’s crystallized lemon in a packet that you add to water and it TASTES EXACTLY LIKE YOU SQUEEZED LEMON INTO IT. I’m obsessed. I’ve been using it everyday and it’s been helping me stay hydrated.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


Easily one of the best books I’ve read this year, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is a beautiful story about a flu that wipes out most of the world’s population and the characters’ lives, intricately entwined, center around the life of a famous actor who died of a heart attack the same day the pandemic began. It’s a fantastic book that I know I’ll probably want to reread again one day (which is rare for me, as I’m not one for rereads) and recommend it highly.

Good Behavior

A new show on TNT called Good Behavior, starring Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, is full of bad behavior done by the character she plays, Letty, an addict and thief who is trying to be good to win back custody of her son. This is complicated when she encounters and steals from a man named Javier who kills people for money. It’s a great show, solid performance from Michelle Dockery, and has a humor to it that makes you root for the characters, even if what they’re doing is very wrong. And the show has a killer soundtrack. Every episode, I’m Shazaming like no one’s business.


Copic Markers

As I’ve posted before, I’m wanting to practice my illustrating skills and have purchased—thanks to a lovely birthday gift of cash from my sister, always the best present—some brush markers I’ve been looking at. I’ve heard some good things about Copic markers and so far I really like them. I’m still practicing with coloring and have nothing worth showing for now, but hopefully I can continue to make progress in this medium. I’d like to work with watercolors, too, in time.

But the Copic markers—I have the Ciao duo-tip markers in various color that I liked and plan on getting more—are really great. The brush tip is beautiful and the colors look beautiful on the paper, though I’m still trying to find the best paper to work with them. The sketchbook I have seems to absorb too much ink, though I like the look, and another paper I have absorbs less but seems more faded. Anyway, the markers are fantastic and I can’t wait to have some more time to work with them once school is finished.

Death of a Bachelor

I’ve never been a huge fan of Panic! At the Disco—I mean, I liked the songs I heard on the radio, but never sought out more than that. Until I heard Death of a Bachelor, which is one of my new favorites. Brendon Urie’s voice is incredible and the song sounds, as he stated as an influence, like a Frank Sinatra song covered by the band.

Monthly Selection – October 2016

October is the best month of the year—autumn is one of my favorite seasons, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I just love everything associated with this time of year, like pumpkins, the leaves changing, and it getting colder (which means tea drinking season). This year, October was too busy for me to really enjoy it properly and I didn’t have much extra money for me to decorate how I like and have a special Halloween dinner. Anyway, here are my favorites from October that I did get to enjoy:

Two Screen Set Up

New two screen set up! I'm obsessed!!! Going to make my life a lot easier and I can be more productive. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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One of the reasons I had less money this month was because I bought a cable and a converter to have a two screen set up with my Macbook and a small flat screen TV that was already in our office. And I’m absolutely in love with it. The color isn’t exactly the same as my laptop, so I have to be careful if I use it for design work, but I mostly use it to have some free space on my screen. I can have my iTunes window, to-do list app, notes, browser with social media, and email on spread out on the new screen while I work on whatever on the laptop. It makes it so much easier when needing to record information for work instead of having to flip back and forth between windows.

Sleep Cycle app

I’ve been needing to wake up earlier for a while and keep falling back into a routine of sleeping in too late. Well, I found an app that I really love: Sleep Cycle. It was free and works incredibly. It tracks your sleeping by listening to your movements via the microphone on your phone and knows when your in a deep sleep and when your in a lighter sleep. Then, based on the time you set, it will gently try to wake you up while your in a lighter sleep and not in a deep sleep. That way, you wake up more easily and feeling less groggy. So far, it’s worked every time I’ve had enough sleep and I wake up no problem. The only problem is, when I go to bed late, I get less sleep, and I end up going back to sleep immediately anyway and wake up late. If there were an app to help me go to bed on time, Sleep Cycle would work perfectly every time.

La Croix

A few weeks ago, I bought some La Croix for in our office. I wasn’t too sure about flavored sparkling water from a can, and because the first flavor we tried (Passionfruit) was not that great (almost perfume-like), I almost didn’t buy it again. But then I tried the Peach-Pear and the Grapefruit and have become obsessed. I’ve been drinking one a day at lunch for the last two weeks and love love love it. And though they’re completely sugar free and not sweet at all, they’re delcious and refreshing and not bad for you. Since I’ve been trying to cut down on soda drinking and eating healthier, they’re amazing.

Poison Lips – Vitalic

After seeing this Amazon commercial, I fell in love with this Vitalic song, “Poison Lips” with its dance club, 80s vibe. It’s a fun song that I’ve been listening to on repeat a lot when I need just background music that’s not any of my downer instrumental music I usually listen to.

Jasmine Thompson’s cover of Mad World / Trailer for American Pastoral

The trailer for American Pastoral is beautiful and probably better than the film will be. Mostly because it’s nearly completely silent other than the haunting and gorgeous cover of “Mad World” by Jasmine Thompson. It’s like the song was made for the trailer and the trailer was made for the song. It’s one of the most perfectly paired combinations of music and film I’ve ever seen.

Monthly Selections – September 2016

I say this every month, but how in the world is September over already? It’s been a weird month since my last semester of school has started and the small business I co-own launched a new product. Weird and busy. Here’s what I’ve liked this month!

Cheap Thrills

I’ve been a fan of Sia for a while but somehow missed Cheap Thrills when it came out earlier this year. It’s a fun, bouncy song with the catchiest lyrics and I’ve been listening nonstop for weeks. Pop song of the decade. I’m also kind of obsessed with the video.

Fran Meneses

Recently, I’ve been wanting to work on my illustration skills and I’ve been searching for illustrators to follow online and get some inspiration from them. That’s how I found Fran’s Instagram and later her YouTube channel. Her work is amazing, I love her color palette and style. She has a lot of great videos about illustrating and her life on her channel and I’ve been soaking everything in (along with other illustrators I’ve found) as I start on this journey of working on my illustration skills. The video is really great resource for materials and tools that she uses.

ICA Tote Bag


For the past month, I’ve been using this tote bag to carry my stuff to work and back instead of a backpack. For one thing, my backpack is too big for everyday carrying and I don’t need all the space it has—though it’s the perfect backpack for traveling. I have messenger bags from high school I could use, but they’re waring and even still, too big. With this tote, I can carry my laptop in a sleeve, a book, a binder for work, a charger, and a few smaller things like gum and hand-sanitizer. My favorite part about the bag is that it has long handles and short handles, so if I’m carrying something else, I can sling it over my shoulder to have both hands free. It’s pretty thin fabric and has almost no shape to it, but with my laptop in its sleeve in it, it stays upright enough. And it has, “I care about the environment!” in Swedish, language of my ancestors, so, win-win all around. (I received it at a moving sale of a Swedish man who gave it to me for carrying all the cookbooks I bought.)

Monthly Selections – August 2016

Since August was a little less stressful and busy, I had more time to enjoy life and stuff. Here are three things that I’ve discovered and really enjoyed this month!

In the Beginning by Fahrenhaidt

So on my list of films to see this year (and books to read eventually) is The Light Between Oceans. And since the trailer came out (at least the one with this song in it) I’ve been searching for this song. It sounded beautiful and I wanted to hear more. It took me a ridiculous amount of searching on Google. I couldn’t find the actual promo anywhere online. I would only see the promo on TV for 15 seconds and furiously search for it, then give up when I came up empty handed. I finally downloaded Shazam, but couldn’t even get to the TV in time to get it to work. And then, after so long, I found the clip on Twitter, Shazamed it, and could enjoy the beautiful song in its entirety whenever I wanted.


After seeing a video about it on YouTube, I downloaded AppNana—basically an app that you go through to download other free apps for points, and once you accumulate enough points, you can use them to get free redeemable gift cards for iTunes and Amazon and actual money through PayPal and more that I don’t really care about. It can take a while to get a lot of Nanas (or points), but if you use your invite code for other people to use, you both get 2,500 Nanas. And you can use other invite codes once yours has been used five times. It sounds complicated but it’s not. I’m up to 31,000 Nanas in only 2 weeks of downloading apps (not even using the invite codes yet and a redeemable $10 gift card can be received for around 160,000 Nanas). I like it, even though I don’t really use it as much as I should or to the potential it has. But even so, if it took 3 months to get a free $10 gift card at my pace, it’s worth it. (My invite code is: k18179585)

East of West by Jonathan Hickman

East of West is a comic book series about the end of the world. And now that I’m typing this I think I had this in a Monthly Selections post already but I’m too tired to check. Anyway, it has the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, it’s sci-fi and western and creepy and cool and all around a fun time. I just finished the second volume (a bind up of issues 6-10) and really enjoyed it and will hopefully be reading the third soon!

Monthly Selections: June + July 2016

Remember that time I had a lot of summer goals? And then remember when I became so busy that all of those plans/goals went out the window? Yeah, well, that happened. But that’s okay! I’m going to pretend I just skipped the last half of June and all of July writing on this blog on purpose and come back swinging with a favorites post for both June and July!

Heathens by 21 pilots

While I wanted to see Suicide Squad at the theater this year, I’m probably going to skip it and rent it later – mostly because I haven’t been seeing any films in the theater lately (unable to carve out the time—or have the money—for it) and also because I heard it wasn’t that great. But the 21 pilots song Heathens featured on the soundtrack is aces. I’ve listened to it non-stop for the last few weeks.

iPhone + Dots & Co


After years and years of wanting an iPhone, I finally bought a 6s. I’ve been using the worst, oldest slider phone since high school and now that I’ve upgraded, I can’t imagine my life without it and it’s only been a few weeks. I also got a cool marble/geometric phone case from Redbubble.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 4.01.19 PM

Because I’m new to smartphones, I was really excited to find a game to pass the time with on car rides and breaks at work, and I found the perfect game for me: Dots & Co. The design and illustration of the game is exactly up my alley and the game is addicting. I like puzzle games and this one is great, getting more and more complicated/difficult as you go through the levels. The concept is fun and I love playing it—I’m currently on level 41. (Dots & Co doubles as my design obsession this month(s) because I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT IT.)



In July, one of my new favorite summer events is BookTube-A-Thon, a week long read-a-thon created and hosted by Ariel Bissett, one of my favorite Booktubers, that brings the Booktube community, from creators to audience, to join in on the fun. There are different challenges for each day on Instagram and YouTube, and different challenges for the books you have to read. Overall, it’s a whole lot of fun, even if I only read 3.5 books this year compared to my 6.5 books read last year (again, this summer has been insanely busy). There were seven reading challenges: read a book with yellow on the cover, read a book that’s older than you, read and watch a book-to-film adaptation, read a book you heard about from Booktube, read a book from a favorite author, read a book only after sunset, and read seven books. The challenges could be combined with one book or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s all fun! Here are the books I planned to read/completed (bold=completed, italic=halfway completed):

  1. Saga, Volume 6 by Brian K Vaughan (read a book after sunset)
  2. A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood (read and watch a book-to-film adaptation)
  3. The Time Machine by HG Wells (read a book that’s older than you)
  4. Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (read a book you heard about through Booktube)
  5. Rooms by Lauren Oliver (read a book with yellow on the cover)
  6. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab (read a book by a favorite author)
  7. Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson (read a seventh book)

And those are my monthly selections for June and July! I would have had more, however, I’ve been too busy to really enjoy anything or find anything new. But these were just a few that were favorites the last two months!