Design: Favorites – Three Dimensional

A lot of the work I do is 2-dimensional, by hand on paper or on the computer, and since I’ve been taking a package design class this semester, I have really taken a liking to creating things in 3 dimensions. But I’ve always had a great admiration for it—here are some of my favorites.

First, since I mentioned it:

Package Design

For this semester, taking this package design class has really opened my eyes to great packaging—not just labels and logos, but really the structures and the shapes that are created. Truly inspired pieces of art, honestly. And functional!



I would buy this honey for two reasons: a) honey is the bomb, b) that jar is the bommmmb. I would buy a hundred of these and use the empty jars for everything—pasta, baking ingredients, jewelry, blood of my enemies. SO useful and unique!


Look how awesome this carrier is for these olive oil bottles! Love the minimal design, the shape of the holder. It’s a display and a carrier all in one. If these were the right size, and if God truly loves me, it could be reused to carry wine bottles. Imagine strolling up to a party with THIS full of wine. Every middle-aged mom you know would GO. NUTS.



Intricate Hand Paper Cutting Art

Is paper cutting technically 3-dimensional? It’s petty flat. Great. Anyway, intricate paper cutting, these beautiful pieces of art, fascinate me to no end. Mostly, because WHO. HAS. THIS. MUCH. PATIENCE.

As the third most impatient person in the world (my sister is number one, my father is number two) I would give up after about 10 cuts. This is why I stick to folding a piece of printer paper a few times and cutting it like a 2nd grader to make snowflakes. That’s the extent of my paper cutting ability.




HA! This one is 3-dimensional. So there.

And, speaking of paper cutting…

Paper Clothes

I’ve recently become obsessed with people creating dresses and clothing with paper. Honestly, works of art.


One of my favorite blogs, We Still Write In Cursive, co-run by YA author Tahereh Mafi, posts amazing stuff, but my favorites have been their use of paper for dress/hat making.



Plus, this post with paper makeup is hilarious and fun.


Such glorious, beautiful things we have in this world. Such talent, such inspiration. Though, most of these were paper-related. Sorry not sorry; paper is the best.

Rock, paper, scissors.

That’s all for now, folks!