Monthly Selections: December 2015

I don’t understand how it’s already December. Okay, I do. Time moves fast when you’re moving so quick. It’s been such a busy month—no, year. I started a business, had two part-time jobs (caring for my nephew—no longer because of time; working at a restaurant—summer only), began the start of another design-related business on my own, and attempted to keep up with writing my book. And I balanced school all in there, too. The fall semester is over and I can finally take a nice long breath until schools picks back up in February.

This post will also be my last post of the year! I started this blog in March for school and kept it going because I really started to enjoy it—a lot. This is the longest I’ve ever kept up with a blog, after many attempts, and I think it has something to do with the content I’m making here, being a great interest of mine. I have many plans and ideas for 2016 here on the blog.

Anyway—the point of this post is what I’ve been loving this month. I have THREE great things to share. Two podcasts and a song.

I’ve recently been getting into podcasts, a still very new medium to me. I hadn’t liked them before because I never had free time to just sit and listen to something. While writing, I can’t import information and export different information at the same time. I’m not a computer. But I’ve been having a lot of menial, low-thought tasks and decided to give them a try. Man, I made a great decision.

Here are two of my new faves:

The first is called Design Life. Its hosts are designers Charli and Femke, who talk about design and their obsession with side projects. Obviously, a perfect fit for me. I found out about it because I watch Charli’s videos on YouTube (so good, check them out through the link above). Their incredibly smart and informative, and it’s a great listen. Best part: they just started recently, and you could catch up real easy. Find it on iTunes, every Monday. Trust me on this, it’s good stuff.

Second is more of a conversational, comedic podcast called People Watcher. It’s hosted by CJ Bisset, who takes questions/topic suggestions from the podcasts email (I should probably send something in, but I always forget—maybe now that I have more time I will) and just talks. He tells stories, asks questions, is very funny. His YouTube videos are great too—he’s a musician and all-around hilarious guy. I suggest the 10 Minutes at a Time videos (the birthplace of the podcast, really) because his sister Ariel (also great videos about books and things!) makes some hilarious cameos. Listening to his podcast just makes me happy, it puts a smile on my face and I look forward to it every Tuesday(ish and sometimes Fridays).

Next up: a modern Christmas song.

Karmin is a fantastic duo that started on YouTube (this post is VERY YouTube heavy. Can you tell I watch a lot?) and are incredible. This modern take on the classic Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside. It’s song not as a duet, but as a singlet (is that a word? there’s no red squiggle under it, so it’s staying) with backing vocals by lead singer Amy.

Basically it’s amazing and after the first 10 seconds (those DRUMS) I paused it, searched for it on iTunes, bought it, then continued listening. I just love new takes on old Christmas songs.

And that’s all for 2015! I hope you have a great holiday season and a happy new year!