Monthly Selections – December 2016

Last favorites post of the year! I can’t quite believe that this year is over already. But I can at the same time. It’s been a rough, long, difficult year that has seemed to have flown by now that it’s over. December was a busy month with finishing school and the holidays, but I do have some new favorites to share:

Fitbit Alta

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been wanting to exercise more and be more healthy. Well, I haven’t really done that very well, starting the year off great and becoming too busy to really focus on it again mid-summer. But in the past few weeks I’ve started up again and plan to all through the rest of the winter and next year. Anyway, since the start of the year, I’ve wanted a Fitbit Alta but couldn’t afford it. After I got some birthday money in July, I saved it and added a few dollars every month, until at the end of November during a cyber Monday sale online, I was able to get it for $80 instead of $130. And after using it for about a month, I love it. The app that goes with it is great for keeping track of what I eat, how much water I’m drinking, how much sleep I’m getting. And it looks great. I’ve been surprised at how accurate it is with steps and when I’m sleeping. Over the holidays, I’ve been doing almost nothing but eating and lying around, so it hasn’t been useful the last week or so, but starting in the new year, I’m really excited to start exercising even more and putting it to good use.

Little lights

I ordered these string lights, a pack os six, just for fun as an add-on of a different order from Amazon because they were on sale. And when I received them, I was thrilled with how they looked so much so that I bought a second pack of them. I bought the ones by Kohree and they come in different lengths and amounts. They’re perfect for just stringing up around your space, for small Christmas scenes with bottlebrush trees, wrapping around garland, or even on a mini tree like I did in my bedroom. They’re surprisingly bright and easy to manipulate, they’re kind of just copper wires with tiny lights attached that are barely visible when off.

I didn’t have a whole lot of new discoveries this month but I know I will have a lot for January, as I have gift cards aplenty from Christmas and will be finding all sorts of music and books and movies in the new year!


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