Monthly Selection – October 2016

October is the best month of the year—autumn is one of my favorite seasons, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I just love everything associated with this time of year, like pumpkins, the leaves changing, and it getting colder (which means tea drinking season). This year, October was too busy for me to really enjoy it properly and I didn’t have much extra money for me to decorate how I like and have a special Halloween dinner. Anyway, here are my favorites from October that I did get to enjoy:

Two Screen Set Up

One of the reasons I had less money this month was because I bought a cable and a converter to have a two screen set up with my Macbook and a small flat screen TV that was already in our office. And I’m absolutely in love with it. The color isn’t exactly the same as my laptop, so I have to be careful if I use it for design work, but I mostly use it to have some free space on my screen. I can have my iTunes window, to-do list app, notes, browser with social media, and email on spread out on the new screen while I work on whatever on the laptop. It makes it so much easier when needing to record information for work instead of having to flip back and forth between windows.

Sleep Cycle app

I’ve been needing to wake up earlier for a while and keep falling back into a routine of sleeping in too late. Well, I found an app that I really love: Sleep Cycle. It was free and works incredibly. It tracks your sleeping by listening to your movements via the microphone on your phone and knows when your in a deep sleep and when your in a lighter sleep. Then, based on the time you set, it will gently try to wake you up while your in a lighter sleep and not in a deep sleep. That way, you wake up more easily and feeling less groggy. So far, it’s worked every time I’ve had enough sleep and I wake up no problem. The only problem is, when I go to bed late, I get less sleep, and I end up going back to sleep immediately anyway and wake up late. If there were an app to help me go to bed on time, Sleep Cycle would work perfectly every time.

La Croix

A few weeks ago, I bought some La Croix for in our office. I wasn’t too sure about flavored sparkling water from a can, and because the first flavor we tried (Passionfruit) was not that great (almost perfume-like), I almost didn’t buy it again. But then I tried the Peach-Pear and the Grapefruit and have become obsessed. I’ve been drinking one a day at lunch for the last two weeks and love love love it. And though they’re completely sugar free and not sweet at all, they’re delcious and refreshing and not bad for you. Since I’ve been trying to cut down on soda drinking and eating healthier, they’re amazing.

Poison Lips – Vitalic

After seeing this Amazon commercial, I fell in love with this Vitalic song, “Poison Lips” with its dance club, 80s vibe. It’s a fun song that I’ve been listening to on repeat a lot when I need just background music that’s not any of my downer instrumental music I usually listen to.

Jasmine Thompson’s cover of Mad World / Trailer for American Pastoral

The trailer for American Pastoral is beautiful and probably better than the film will be. Mostly because it’s nearly completely silent other than the haunting and gorgeous cover of “Mad World” by Jasmine Thompson. It’s like the song was made for the trailer and the trailer was made for the song. It’s one of the most perfectly paired combinations of music and film I’ve ever seen.


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