2016 Goals – 9-Month Checkup

It’s been (approximately) nine months and three quarters of 2016 is over. I was a little negative in my last update of my goals because of the way my summer months were going (terribly) and I think things are going a lot better this time around.


I have a plan in motion for all the design work I want to get done and that’s a huge step in the right direction. I’m no longer worried about getting it all done right now and more focused on doing smaller chunks of it and really planning ahead instead of jumping in. But I have been working on my illustrating skills the last few weeks and I posted about that here. I haven’t been working too much on hand-lettering but hopefully I will this winter.


I haven’t worked on any of my writing projects in a few weeks but I have been working on the outline for my novel I’ll be writing in November for NaNoWriMo. Throughout December, once school is over and I’ll have more time, I think I’ll be able to get back to the projects I’ve neglected.


This summer, I traveled a little and felt satisfied for the rest of the year. I just don’t have the money like I thought I would to go on a few mini road trips like I wanted. But I’m okay with it, because I know I’ll get to more traveling soon.


A goal of 50 books is difficult and I don’t know why I have such lofty goals with my reading. I just get excited about all the books and over do it. I know that I can’t read most books within a weeks time, so I don’t know why I think, every year, that there will be more than 52 weeks in the year. I’ve cut back my goal again to 30 books. I’m currently on my fifteenth book and I know that seems like I’m setting myself up for failure, but I’ve been taking steps to carve out more time for reading—like spending less time scrolling on social media. And several of the upcoming reads are shorter, like graphic novels and independent short stories (not included in a collection or anthology, which wouldn’t count as separate—in my own rules for the challenge). I have hopes I can reach 30!


Of all the goals, I’ve been failing the most at seeing films in the theater. I don’t know why I bothered at all with trying to see one a month. It’s a new type of goal for me, but I just didn’t expect not to be able to do it. Mostly, I didn’t have the money to even go see a film on my own—and the theater near me went under construction and wasn’t showing anything for nearly two months. But I’ve seen two so far and plan to see a few more by the end of December, so I’ll be happy with whatever the number of films I see ends up being (especially because the whole point to this was that I didn’t see a single film in the year 2015).


I’ve been trying to work out more lately and eat better to get back on track. After losing and gaining 10 pounds since January, I’ve really been trying to be more motivated to get back to it. Time is a big factor—once I have any extra free time, I’m usually much to tired to work out. But that should be changing soon with some more time freeing up in the next few weeks.

2016 VIDEO

I’ve still been taking a short clip every day (that’s a lie, some of them have been a few days later) and am starting to compile the clips and edit them per month. It’s been fun looking back and remembering the day that I shot it.

2016 is almost over! We’re in the home stretch now!


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