Summer Goals Update! – 2016

At the beginning of the summer, I posted about some goals I had specifically for this summer. Well, now that it’s September and the fall semester (and my last—for now!) has started, I think it’s time for a (sad, pathetic, I was really really busy this summer and I didn’t get to a lot of them, okay?) update.

I didn’t fix the small things on my car yet. And I didn’t get a new stereo in order to listen to music with my phone. I’ve been burning CDs just to get by.

My tiny garden didn’t go any further than it had since my first Summer Goals post. Most of what I dug and cleared out came back. Maybe next year?

I barely went to our lake house this last half of the summer. I went a few times in June and July (especially getting ready for the 4th of July party, cleaning and fixing it up) but other than that, I just didn’t have the time to go swimming or hang out. But it does look nicer and we fixed a lot up the few times that I’ve been there (and fortunately it’s a big family, so even more has been done without me.)

As of September 7th, the date of this post, I’ve read 11 books. That’s it. I’m not happy and have set a plan in motion to rectify this and read more to reach my goal of 35 books read this year. Pray for me. And with that, I barely wrote anything or worked on any current projects.

I didn’t do any design or artwork all summer. I even scheduled it in my week-to-week to do lists, but every week, I had to reschedule for some reason (birthday parties, surprise parties, family emergencies, etc.) and it never worked out.

Since my busy schedule led to late nights, I stopped getting up as early. Which means I stopped exercising and going for my run. And I started eating unhealthily again (when you’re busy, just throwing in anything you can find that is edible is acceptable.) I gained all the weight I’d lost from January to June in July and August. I didn’t play any tennis. I didn’t go for any hikes. I swam four times that I can remember.

My budget is going well! I’m sticking to it! FINALLY A POSITIVE THING!

…And I didn’t post here on the blog like I’d thought. I skipped a lot of days that I wanted to just to sleep or, again, because of a birthday or family emergency or some other thing that came up. Or because I was tired and I just wanted to sleep.

I feel like a mess! Honestly, this summer went by faster than any other summer. My autumn doesn’t seem to be any slower but hopefully I’ll be able to schedule in more of the stuff I want to accomplish. I’m trying to think positively. I don’t think it will work.


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