Monthly Selections – August 2016

Since August was a little less stressful and busy, I had more time to enjoy life and stuff. Here are three things that I’ve discovered and really enjoyed this month!

In the Beginning by Fahrenhaidt

So on my list of films to see this year (and books to read eventually) is The Light Between Oceans. And since the trailer came out (at least the one with this song in it) I’ve been searching for this song. It sounded beautiful and I wanted to hear more. It took me a ridiculous amount of searching on Google. I couldn’t find the actual promo anywhere online. I would only see the promo on TV for 15 seconds and furiously search for it, then give up when I came up empty handed. I finally downloaded Shazam, but couldn’t even get to the TV in time to get it to work. And then, after so long, I found the clip on Twitter, Shazamed it, and could enjoy the beautiful song in its entirety whenever I wanted.


After seeing a video about it on YouTube, I downloaded AppNana—basically an app that you go through to download other free apps for points, and once you accumulate enough points, you can use them to get free redeemable gift cards for iTunes and Amazon and actual money through PayPal and more that I don’t really care about. It can take a while to get a lot of Nanas (or points), but if you use your invite code for other people to use, you both get 2,500 Nanas. And you can use other invite codes once yours has been used five times. It sounds complicated but it’s not. I’m up to 31,000 Nanas in only 2 weeks of downloading apps (not even using the invite codes yet and a redeemable $10 gift card can be received for around 160,000 Nanas). I like it, even though I don’t really use it as much as I should or to the potential it has. But even so, if it took 3 months to get a free $10 gift card at my pace, it’s worth it. (My invite code is: k18179585)

East of West by Jonathan Hickman


East of West is a comic book series about the end of the world. And now that I’m typing this I think I had this in a Monthly Selections post already but I’m too tired to check. Anyway, it has the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, it’s sci-fi and western and creepy and cool and all around a fun time. I just finished the second volume (a bind up of issues 6-10) and really enjoyed it and will hopefully be reading the third soon!


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