Monthly Selections: May 2016

May has been too busy of a month to even enjoy much. With buying a car, finishing up the spring semester of school, starting up my summer job again (which won’t be just in the summer anymore), and co-operating a small business—not to mention side projects and writing and living—I haven’t really had any extra time to accumulate a solid list of favorites this month. But there have been a few things, so here they are:

Orphan Black


One of my favorite shows came back (actually in April, but it has aired mostly in May) for its fourth season. This weird, crazy, addictive show about clones has been a favorite since it first started, but honestly season four has been its best since the first half of season one—which arguably is some of the best television work ever created. Yes, I’d say it over and over. The first half of season one is A+++ (it starts to go a little wobbly later; but picks back up in season two). It’s genius and brilliant and Tatiana Maslany is the most fascinating, mind blowing actress. I watch each episode and forget the characters are played by the same person. Since the previous third season had become a bit murky in focus, season four started with a risky, reboot/flashback of an episode that worked so incredibly well and it completely changed the game for the show in the best way.

Spring Gardening

I’d always liked flowers and planting with my mother, but for some reason, I was bitten by the gardening bug because it’s all I can think about in my (small amount of) free time. I started creating a flower garden in the backyard near our vegetable garden. My small-scale garden will be complete with rock walls, a small seating area, and flowers fenced in with pre-existing lilies, more flowers planted around, and my mint plant in a large vessel. I’ve been having a lot of fun planning and buying flowers. It’s been a great peaceful place for me to go and work, digging up the current landscape to create something new and beautiful out of a crowded, bushy bit of forest.

Design Obsession

The covers for Richard Dawkins’ (an evolutionary biologist) three books were given new designs for a special edition from Penguin. Using a program to mimic evolution, no two covers are alike. Each copy different from one another. This combines all the things I love: design, books, and science. I cried a little with excitement.


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