2016 Goals – 3-Month Checkup

The end of March marked the first quarter of 2016 gone (um…what. how.) and since posting about my goals for the year (here), I decided that I would do updates every three months to keep myself on track and to look back at what I’ve done so far and what I have yet to do. So here we go!


So far this year, I haven’t been doing great on design work. Of course I do it everyday with school and my job, but I haven’t been able to work on the stuff I’ve wanted to just yet. I still want to practice my hand-lettering skills and illustration skills, especially working digitally. I will, of course, be posting more about that here as the year progresses.


I’ve been posting periodically about writing and what I’m working on now. That’s changed a little—as I said in the post I shelved a project that I’d been working on for the last few years and started to focus more on a different project since January. While that’s still true, I had a breakthrough with the first project and started to go back and forth. I’ll be making another post on that later.


One of the 2016 goals was to travel more! I haven’t traveled anywhere so far. I’ve barely left my house in the last three months. So…Though I do have a quick trip coming soon (nothing exciting; it’s for work and I’ve been there hundred times, but it’s something.)


I will be posting more frequent reading updates on my goal of 50 books/novellas/stories throughout the year, the first one this month (probably my next post).


My goal of seeing 12 films this year in the theater—about once a month—is going fairly well. I’ve seen two films, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in January and 10 Cloverfield Lane a few days ago, in April. I have a Letterboxd if you want to know what I thought of them—or you could follow me on Twitter, as I usually post immediate thoughts there. (Spoiler alert: I loved them both.) I’m okay with only seeing two in four months to start with because a) I don’t have a lot of money right now to see that many films, but will later in the year and b) there are far more films coming out in a row this summer/fall that I know I’ll be seeing close together.


All of January, I rode the recumbent bike twice a week and walked one to two miles on my grandparent’s treadmill twice a week. Since, I’ve been doing much less—maybe the treadmill once a week only—and it’s really been driving me crazy. I’d lost a few pounds, felt more energy, and was more motivated overall. That stopped and I’ve been wanting to get back to it hard for a few weeks. There’d been about two weeks in March when the snow had melted completely and it had warmed up enough to walk outside every morning. I would get up at 6:30 and go for two miles. I loved it—I didn’t have to drive to the treadmill and I didn’t feel as stationary and bored on the bike. And then it snowed again, became too cold, and I just haven’t even made an effort to go on the treadmill again. I’m hoping for warm weather soon to get back to it.

2016 VIDEO

I’ve been taking a one to five second clip every day for the last three months. My hope is to document my year visually and make a video to look back on. I don’t plan on doing it every year, I’m just doing it as an experiment for this one, to do something new and stretch my filming muscles, as I haven’t made anything creative with film in a long time.

And that’s my goals update! I’ll still be working toward my goals for this year every month, week, day, and be posting it here. I can’t believe we’ve reached the quarter mark of 2016 being over. Absolutely insane!


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