Monthly Selections: February 2016

I know that February only had 29 days, but honestly that month went by incredibly fast. Because I had the entire month of January off from classes, I’d had so much time to write and be productive in all my side projects and I felt great! And then the semester started again. All my time disappeared. I’m tired.

But I did have just enough time to enjoy some great stuff and now I’m going to share!

Mauve Reviews


First off, speaking of not having enough time, I ridiculously decided to start another blog, though this one for reviewing things. I watch a lot of TV and love to share my thoughts, but nobody I know watches the shows I watch, so I started Mauve Reviews to express my opinions on a few of my favorites shows! Because most of them happened to be sci-fi/fantasy related, I decided to just go with it and those are the shows (and later films/books/podcasts/whatever I feel like—may even do more than just sci-fi/fantasy) I’ll be reviewing. So far I’ve been reviewing the episodes of two new shows, Syfy’s The Magicians (which I recommend!) and Freeform’s Shadowhunters (I’m a fan of the books, less so of the show so far), and one of my all-time favorite shows, AMC’s The Walking Dead.  These are only three of the dozen or so shows I watch a week. (What do you mean I’d have more time if I stopped watching all that TV. That’s ridiculous.) I’m having a lot of fun doing it, though I’m looking at the shows more critically than I usually would, which makes me wonder if it’s skewing my enjoyment of it (I’ve noticed this with The Walking Dead specifically.) Still having a good time being able to express my opinions about the shows, though.


Another thing I’ve enjoyed this month is the podcast Limetown. It’s a fictional radio-show told by a young woman named Lia Haddock who is investigating the strange disappearance of over 300 people of a small town called Limetown. The show begins similarly to Serial, though shifts after the first episode when one of the survivors contacts Lia to speak with her—what happened ten years previously isn’t the sole focus:  strange things start happening to Lia since starting her search for the truth. Honestly, the podcast is so incredible I started listening thinking I’d just listen to one (since all of the episodes for season 1 are available on iTunes already) and listen to them sporadically over some time, but I couldn’t stop. I listened to the first three in the same day and finished the whole season two days later. The show freaked me out, honestly. There’s a lot of disturbing parts, even if it’s just the sound—even non-significant moments had an intense effect on me. Just listening, not seeing or anything else is an incredible way to take in a story. I couldn’t listen at night, only in the day, because I was that freaked out by a few parts. My heart was racing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it days later. It’s just so good.

American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson

Another new show I enjoy is FX’s American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson, a spin-off of the show American Horror Story, both created by Ryan Murphy. Because I was a baby during the OJ Simpson trial, I know very little about it. Watching it with my mom (who was around my age at the time of the trial) is incredible. She watched everything on the news, completely invested, and it’s even more enjoyable watching with her, who is constantly saying “I remember that! I remember exactly where I was when I watched that.” The show itself is incredible, too. The acting is absolutely top notch—especially Sarah Paulson and Sterling K. Brown—and I think they’re handling the story really well, showing things that even my mom didn’t know about, what wasn’t on the news or in the courtroom (obviously not all accurate, but still interesting). It’s fantastic stuff.

Design Obsessesion

For one of my classes, we use Pinterest to search for great design examples and share them, and while I searching a few weeks ago, I found this set of labels for a (I’m assuming French) marmalade called La Tia Fina. The use of stamping actual fruit to create the graphic elements on the labels themselves is both genius and beautiful, giving it a rustic, homemade feel. Really love this idea.



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