What I’m Working on Now

In an earlier post from January, I talked about why I write and what I’ve written. In it, I mentioned the book I’m currently working on and that I would expand a bit more about it in another post. That’s this post. The post is happening now. Right now. Here it goes.

(I should mention, I don’t do the greatest of jobs making this book sound like an actual book right now—because it isn’t. It is not a concise, “back of the book” type explanation. I’m just rambling about it. First draft, people, we’re at a FIRST DRAFT LEVEL of description.)

Future Book—as I call it, since there is no title—is set in the, you guessed it, future. How far into the future? The year 2334. Or 2234. I haven’t decided. The book’s set in a very different U.S. from today. Over the last 200/300 years, the cities have grown to become enormous, limits blurring, and there are now only seven Great Cities, broken into sectors. Some states are viewed by locals as regions, containing a handful of sectors, but for the most part, they’re gone. A lot has happened to shift this—war, politics, rising sea levels. There are some sectors that are more well-off than others, with its residents being the richest in the world, and some are incredibly poor and rundown. There’s also a lot of new technology—there are some new providences on the Moon and a colony on Mars. In this future, people have become more evolved and have a telepathic ability. Everyone has it, everyone uses it, but it’s hard to control. And it’s caused problems—war, for one—and remains an affliction rather than a useful tool for most people. No one really knows why it happened—technology effecting our minds, a dormant gene that started to show up over a long period of time, or that it started from scientific experiments and it started to naturally trigger itself in offspring and surrounding people, passing it on for the last few centuries. For the rich and people who can afford it, a device can be implanted in the brain to control it. For the poor, there’s nothing. In less-off sectors, crime is low—no secrets, no hiding. In the rich sectors, crime is incredibly high in comparison to the poor (about the same as it is now)—secrets can be kept and crimes committed without anyone knowing.

AND HERE COMES THE STORY PART. God, I need to work on my elevator pitch. Good thing this is a first draft. And I’m not on an elevator pitching to an editor or agent.

Lily is seventeen (did I mention this is YA?) and is at the top of her training class, aspiring to be a Force—the police/law enforcement in the future—detective like her father. She’s the youngest ever to graduate. After she escapes an attack by a mysterious terror group, she develops PTSD and struggles with her first murder investigation. There’s a lot of DETECTIVE STUFF and TELEPORTING and MURDER and CONSPIRACIES and TELEPATHY and FUTURE THINGS.

Basically, I’m in love with it and am excited to work on it every chance I have.

For the most part, I got the idea of Future Book because I was thinking a lot about evolution and wondering how much change humans have gone through, how much more change there could be, and how technology will change. Then I read an article about experimenting with mice and telepathic connections between them and I thought about if humans could communicate telepathically, and how cool that would be. And how awful that would be. Would it be constantly on? Would we be able to control it? How could we control it? That’s where the device came in. How expensive would it be? What about the procedure? Could poorer people afford it? How would that effect people with less income? Would that effect whole areas with a lot of poor people? With a lot of wealthy people? What about the middle class? Would there be a big change in the US and there wouldn’t be wealthy/poor/middle distinction? How would we change as a society? What else would be effected? How would the country run? How many US Presidents would the country have in a few hundred years? I’m tired just thinking about all this?

Crime would probably decrease if there were no secrets. That thought started it. I thought about how the police system would shift, focusing more on the wealthy because crime in poor areas would nearly come to an end. It all started from that idea, and then Lily came in saying, “Give me a murder case to solve. I’m good at solving those.” And that’s that.

There’s a lot of work in writing about the future, though. Research on technology growth: how things work now will be different. Will we have cell phones? An equivalent to them? Cars? Trains? Planes? TVs? Computers? What will be new, what will just be different? There’s a lot of making stuff up. I can’t predict the future. A lot of the time I think, “Is that how police stations work? Is that how law enforcement works at all?” I usually just say, “Who knows? 300 years is a long way away. Do what you want, self.”

And there’s a lot of things to consider with fiction set in the future. Look at Back to the Future: Part II—October 2015 came around and we had no hoverboards, no flying cars, no more sequels to Jaws than we had before. The future isn’t always what we think it will be. That’s how I’m approaching this book: it’s probably not going to be as advanced as we think. Though, 300 years is much more than the 30 years from 1985 and 2015. Exactly 10 times more, actually. But there’s also other things to consider that could set us back: war, natural disasters, literally anything could change at any time to thwart technology from advancing anymore. Who knows? Within a 200/300 year time frame, society could collapse and we’ll have to start over again, and by 2234/2334, it might look exactly as I imagined or exactly as it does today, or it will be much more advanced than I wrote, or everyone will be dead. Either way, it’s just fun making it all up.

Anyway, that’s my current WIP! I’m having a blast writing it.

That’s all for now!


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