Monthly Selections: January 2016

First of the year!

January and I started off as friends. I had a plan during my time off from school to get things done and spend time actually relaxing. I wanted to read more, write more, watch more Netflix. You know, normal winter break stuff. Things came up, and unfortunately, I did more working than anything else. I did get a few shows watched and a couple of days of writing, but reading had to be put on he back burner while I worked some stuff out.

Fortunately,  I did discover some new things that made my life a bit more awesome.

New Age Creators

I mentioned them in my post two weeks ago about my favorite motion graphic designs. Thought I technically discovered them back in December, I added them here because I’m just really impressed with all of their videos. Each week has a theme and the quality of the Creator’s videos is always top notch. It’s a fantastic channel that gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration each day of the week.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Though it came out in December of 2015, I finally saw The Force Awakens and fell in love. It was everything I wanted a sequel to Star Wars to be. I’m just so excited that a female character like Rey is as awesome as she is and the main focus of the new trilogy. I cried a lot and smiled a lot and mostly did both at the same time throughout the entire thing.


I’ve heard of Halsey before and listened to one song and didn’t really get into her music (New Americana, which is one of my favorite songs now, weirdly enough). Once I listened to a few songs and bought some (thank you, iTunes Christmas gift cards) and fell in love. The four songs I bought are (in order of my favorite) Gasoline, Control, New Americana, and Castle. Her voice is incredible and I love the post-apocalyptic, wasteland pop kind of vibe. In love.

Design Obsession:

I used to make separate posts for my Design Obsession of the Month, but I decided since I plan on writing more posts with various topics, I want the Selections and Obsession to be all in one post. For January, I fell in love with this color palette: a rainbow of color in neons and pastels.


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