Design: Favorites – Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a medium I learned about and started to enjoy the same semester I started this blog. During my motion graphics class, I learned a ton about how to create graphics and design with the thought process of movement, pre-planning how the graphic would move in a space and in relation to other elements. Not only movement but color, size, other effects. It’s a really great medium that I sort of became obsessed with during the time of the class

Recently I’ve fallen in love with two YouTube channels that use motion graphics often within their intros and throughout their videos. The first is Ana Marta’s channel, a design student from Portugal who just moved to London for a year to study. Her style is incredible and the graphics she creates for her videos are minimal and cute. They really make her videos unique.

Here are two of her videos. One where she packs up all her stuff to move to London:

And another showing her traveling to and arriving there:

On a similar note, the New Age Creators channel has become my new source of inspiration and, as I said in my monthly selections post, it’s become one of my new favorite channels. Ana Marta happens to be one of the weekly contributors to the channel, and I suspect designed the logo and motion graphics for this channel—but who knows, they’re all immensely talented.

Both are incredible channels and I advise you to check them out—seriously great content. I’m sure there’s a ton more that I could give, but I’ve only recently dived into motion graphics, noticing it more and taking an interest in it. These two are just a my favorite at the moment.

That’s all for now!


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