New Year, New Goals – 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s 2016!

Now, I’m a huge fan of resolutions. I think they’re great. Don’t let anyone tell you resolutions are stupid, because the new year is a perfect time to realign your goals and self—which is why people do it.

I’m not really doing resolutions this year, but I am doing some planning/new goals. Some of them have to do with this blog. So here they are:


Because school a takes up a lot of my time, I’m unable to do the projects that I’d like to do. Especially because I’m planning to start up a site or online store with prints, calendars, cards, etc. Carving the time out to do these things is sometimes difficult when I have so much other work to do, so I’m going to make more of an effort to set aside time specifically for working on new designs.

Another goal is to take the time to learn more to further my skills. One thing that I’ll be starting really soon is practicing on my hand-lettering and illustrating. Hopefully, I’ll be able to document all the processes here on this blog.


Writing is one of the most important aspects of what I do. And in the last few months, it’s been on the back burner. My goal is to write more—especially this month, when I have time off—and to work on getting an agent and getting my work published.

And, if all goes well, document that process here on the blog as well. It was always my plan to talk about writing here on the


I have traveled very little in my life. And I want to change that. I want 2016 to be the year I travel as much as possible. Even if it’s a short trip, a road trip, maybe take my first flight in a plane. I don’t know if it will happen at all, but I want to do more of it.


I always set a goal on GoodReads of 50 books. Each year I get closer and closer (in 2013 I read 15 books, in 2014 I read 25, and this past year I read 32 books). I want to achieve it in 2016. I want to read 50 books (novels, graphic novels, short stories, novellas, whatever).


As someone who professes a love for film, I rarely go see a movie in the theater. And I want to do it more often. In 2015, I didn’t see a single film in the theater. Not one. (A lot of the reason was not having a lot of money to spare.)

My goal for 2016 is to see a movie in the theater, at the very least, once a month. That’s at least 12 films. I’ll have to plan out what’s coming out for each month, and maybe I’ll have to skip a month and double up on another if there’s nothing I want to see out that month, but as long as I see 12, I’ll be happy.


I don’t know if anyone has told you, but spending the majority of your time as a designer and as a writer, you do a lot of sitting. Crazy, I know, but it’s true. And to top if off, all of my hobbies include watching YouTube videos, television, and film. I do a lot of sitting.

So I want to be more active. This summer I want to play more tennis, I want to go for more walks, exercise regularly, and eat better. I want to fit into the clothes hanging on that “maybe someday” side of my closet.

2016 Video.

One of the projects I want to do (well, have started already) is making videos on YouTube again. I used to a few years ago, but stopped because of time and drive to do it. I don’t know if I’ll start vlogging again or making short films again, but I’d like to do something. Even if it’s one project.

To start with, I’m starting a new project of a mega-video compilation of my coming days in 2016. I’m going to (and have already started) filming a short clip, 1 to 2 seconds long, a day. Something that I’m doing that day that is interesting or completely ordinary. I want my year documented visually.

Some of the clips will be a bit longer, the more important and interesting ones might be 5 to 10 seconds long. It’ll be quite a long little film, but I’m excited about it.


My goals for 2016 are fairly simple, seeing how they’re things that I do on the regular anyway, but now with more focus and with more of a plan to accomplish them.

And hopefully, I’ll be able to document a lot of the progress of these goals here on this blog. I’m very excited about it all. I have a good feeling about 2016.

Hope you have a good new year, too!


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