Monthly Selections: November 2015

November was a quick, busy month, but I still have two shows and a song to add to my favorites list:

First, the song. Lorde is one of my favorite artists and she’s featured in a new song by Disclosure called “Magnets” and it’s incredible. That pre-chorus rhythm – the lyrics and the way she sings it! The video happens to be great, too.

Now for the shows, starting with Into the Badlands.

The show is set sort of in the future, or an alternate version of the US, or some science fiction fantasy world similar to ours. The world is interesting and intriguing—though it feels incomplete, probably because of the idea that there isn’t anything outside of the badlands, so they only show what’s inside. But they don’t show much within the badlands and what’s where and how many people there are, if there are more than one city other than all these plantations. But for now, it doesn’t quite matter as, at the time of this post, it’s only three episodes in. The story doesn’t seem quite there yet, though. The characters are good, the acting good, but it definitely puts plot before character—which isn’t a bad thing for me. If there were to be a second season, I know it would only expand on more and build the story more. The fight scenes alone are worth a watch.

A lot of criticism, yes, but that’s why I love it. I not only like it how it is, but I would like it even more with improvements, needing to give it more time to grow. That’s what makes a great show for me: liking it for what it is and wanting it to be more—now hopefully, these things are improved with more time and episodes, otherwise I’m not sure how long the great fight scenes will make it watchable.

Anyway, fantastic fight scenes and kick-ass characters makes it all worth it for now.


Now the next show I am going to talk about is Jessica Jones. It is such a good show. I just. I just can’t even with this show. First off, I have not seen any of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Not Iron Man, not Captain America, not the Avengers. None of them. I plan on it, because I love superheroes, and I’ve seen other Marvel films (X-Men is my jam). But I wanted to get into it and I couldn’t help myself by starting with Jessica Jones for three reasons:

The trailer was so incredible, I had to watch the show immediately.

Krysten Ritter has been a favorite of mine for a long time (since she played Lucy, my queen, on Gilmore Girls) and seeing her in a darker roll that wasn’t comedic (well, all comedic) really intrigued me and I wanted to see her kill it (which she totally does.)

David Tennant. That’s just…I mean, he’s in it so it’s good automatically.

Anyway, the show is fantastic. It’s creepy as hell, funny and dark, and has a great friendship between Jessica and Trish featured as one of the core aspects of the story. I want more women as the protagonists fighting against bad guys in superhero movies/shows. Because there sooo little of them. And BONUS, Jessica Jones is created by a woman, too.

Notice I don’t have any criticism for Jessica Jones. I can count the number of things that bothered me about the show on one hand, and most of them were lines that I thought were lame. That’s it. It’s perfect. Enough said. Go watch it.


That’s all folks. I’m going to go…watch more episodes of Jessica Jones now. I’m close to the end…so bye.


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