Design: Obsession – November 2015

Florence + the Machine is my favorite artist/band (for real, which is it??? I’m just going to refer to it as her/Florence) of all time forever and ever. For her latest album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, she’s been on tour all over the place. And there is tour merchandise (I found it here on her website) that is incredible.

But the merch I’m obsessed with are the posters. Here is one for her U.K. tour that I dig a lot. I love the purple and the moon and the hand and the texture and the everything.


But my favorite of them are these two, a pair that seem to be a set for the U.S. and Australian tours. These are masterpieces. I want need them on my walls, next to each other, above my bed, for all of eternity. The typography is amazing and the little nod to each tour highlighting the country on the globe/map is great. Man, I love anything with an aged astronomical vibe.


I’m not sure who designed these posters, but I need them. I NEED THEM NOW. And I wish that Florence + the Machine’s U.S. tour was actually NEAR ME. Ah, well. Maybe next time.


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