DIY: Last-Minute Easy Halloween Costumes

One of my favorite holidays full of spooks, candy, and fun is here! Now, while I rarely dress up for Halloween, when I do it’s usually a last minute decision without a lot of planning involved. So I decided to give some inspiration/ideas on some “closet costumes” that you can get from your own wardrobe in your closet.

If you are going to dress up using your own closet, my advice is to do a notable favorite character from a tv show or movie that can be easily recognized. Sticking to characters that have more of a normal wardrobe is a lot easier than some elaborate costume. So instead of doing a zombie from the Walking Dead which would take a lot of makeup and work and time, try doing Michonne or Carol or Rick. Bad ass, neutral colored clothes and a fake katana, a floral sweater and a baking dish, a belt with a holster and a cool jacket. Stick to what you already have, you won’t have to spend any money!

Speaking of the Walking Dead, my first costume comes from the spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. I did a gender-swapped version of Alicia Clark.


Alicia wears a lot of these types of jackets, and I happened to have one similar. I wore a simple graphic t-shirt similar to one she wears (the one on the bike, not pictured), sneakers, and some neutral colored jeans instead of black, because for some reason I don’t have any—more advice: improvise! I tied a blue, white, and grey plaid button-up shirt around my waist similar to how Alicia does above. On my arm, I drew a broken spiral heart like the one her boyfriend draws on her arm with a black marker. Optional bike.

And because I’m a huge nerd and because Back to the Future Day was recently, I did a version of Marty McFly.


Is that vest the most red it could be? No. Is it the same vest I got for Christmas in the 8th grade? Yes. Does it fit? Not really. Does it still work? Yes.

For Marty’s most iconic style of dress, I wore a lighter plaid shirt tucked into my jeans with a maroon shirt underneath. Added a jean jacket, and a red(ish) vest over it, and there’s my version of Marty McFly.I also could have added sunglasses and a watch to stay on theme. A lot of layers, so good thing it’s cold in October!

Easy! And I didn’t buy a thing! All of these things I had in my closet! Look at what you have around the house—there’s a character hidden somewhere. Just find them!

Happy Halloween!


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