Design: Obsession – October 2015


For this month, I’ve become obsessed with cut-outs on labels. More specifically, the design of these juice bottles for Hoogesteger. The die-cuts are in the shape of drips on the label, using the color of what’s on the other side of the glass to make it cleverly appear as though the substance is spilling over—the best part, the drips are in the shape of the fruit the juice flavor is based.


First of all, this idea is fantastic on its own, but adding the shapes of the fruit is genius. And it looks so clean and beautiful with the white label. I can’t stop looking at it, to be honest. I randomly think about it, every now and again. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen these photos and I think about them all the time.


It makes me want to buy that juice, so, successful job, Hoogesteger. We’ll work on naming your product, though. That needs some adjustment or a translator.

Here are some MORE brilliantly done die-cut labels revealing the innards of the product in interesting ways:


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