Design: Favorites – Interior Spaces

Interior design – creating a mood, a setting, a space. I have been obsessed with interior design since I was a young little lad. I’ve been designing my dream home since I was 13 and every change in season, my mother, sister, and I would rearrange the entire house—changing, moving, shifting the furniture, the paint colors, the decor. We watched HGTV and DIY Network, every show about flipping houses that has been on TV—(favorites include Rehab Addict and Flipping Out). It’s always been a big part of my life.

These are a few—only a small few, out of a hundred—images of interior spaces that I’ve fallen in love with and saved in my “House Plans” folder on my computer and Pinterest board. I also have a binder with floor plans and even more pictures torn from House Beautiful.

First up: my dream design/art studio.

The combination of an old factory, industrial-type building, large windows and brick walls, with sleek, modern furniture is my favorite. These are a few inspiration images I have for my dream studio:

Can we talk about this wall for a second? The stripe accent on just one short, protruding wall makes it such a cool focal point and I’m sort of obsessed with this idea. I just need a wall like this in my house so I can do it in…Also that DESK. The LEGS. I NEED.


These photos are from Pottery Barn – there is another one that shows an office in the same style, the same dark blue walls with yellow and gold and white accents, that I love, but I don’t have it saved digitally. But these two are just the same on the list, all equally beautiful and my dream office space:

sw-img-pb-palette-seasonal-hdr a32fb8d4b07b3b7e0d90fb339b1abad5

And these are inspiration photos for my dream craft room (or kids’ craft room, far off in the future). I love the use of attic spaces in houses, not letting them just be wasted spaces or only used for storage, but adding more rooms. These are done incredibly:

And two more, just for fun: pops of blue where they don’t belong. The wooden dresser with the geometric zig-zag (is this called something that I’m forgetting? it’s not chevron, is it?) pattern is amazing (and probably super DIY-able) and the cabinet in that kitchen is EVERYTHING TO ME. That color blue is the PERFECT color blue and it works so well in that all-white space.

There are literally hundreds of pictures saved either on my computer, Pinterest, or in my ever-growing binder—it can barely hold everything in at this point. I need to buy a bigger 3-ring binder for it. And I need to get my own subscription to House Beautiful instead of stealing them from my grandmother. Don’t judge. She doesn’t read them anyway.

I may have a problem.

Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m an interior design addict.


One thought on “Design: Favorites – Interior Spaces

  1. Great photos! I loved the original wood flooring in the first few pics, adds a rustic feel to a sleek morgen room. Too much mod and the room feels cold, don’t you think? I also love brick in a kitchen. Especially if it’s original. I’m learning more about interior design and I love your style!


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