Design: Favorites – Textile/Fabric

I have a large appreciation for textile design. I’ve seen some gorgeous fabrics and different kinds of it and wanted to share a few of my favorites.

First, I have been in love with the work by my mother’s close friend Valerie for a long time. Her work is incredible: pikku. My favorite of all her wares are the pillows. We have three in our home, two of the same pattern/color. The yellow “loop-di-loop pillow” is fun and bright and comfortable—they are my favorite pillows in the house. The pattern is silkscreened onto the cotton/hemp fabric and the design is so fun and organic.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 9.25.22 AM

As if I haven’t talked about Rifle Paper Co. enough, well, here I go again: One of my favorite of their collections are the bags. Most of their fabric and apparel is aimed toward women exclusively, (I would totally wear a plain t-shirt with the same design though. COME ON, RIFLE PAPER CO. I WANT ONE!) Though the bags wouldn’t work for me, I desperately want to buy one for my mother as a gift. Specifically the Voyager Backpack. Whenever we go on a trip, even if it’s just for a weekend, she likes to carry a backpack but only has one option that’s a little dated and too small. She needs this one! Though…my budget for each of my family for Christmas this year is a lot less than that bag is available for. A lot less. So. Bummer. At any rate, I’m still in love with the illustrated floral pattern.

lsv001-voyager-backpack-marion-floral (1)

Now for something a little more artistic: embroidery art by Ana Teresa Barboza. These pieces are incredible. The time and work that goes into them is evident and every one is a masterpiece. My favorite is the embroidered landscape of the ocean, seen below. I love how it looks like a photographic once sized down or from far away. The detail is beautiful and the coming undone portion at the bottom is amazing. It’s just a fantastic piece, along with all of her pieces.


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful things all around.


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