Design: Geometric Bird + Dog

As I had said with the Dot Series I was working on, I’ve been working on others including these geometric pieces of a bird and a dog (as well as others, but these are the finished ones, as they take quite a lot more time than the dots.)

For these, I am more interested in eventually having these available to order prints of (along with the rest that are not finished/not started.) But that’s down the road when I have my life figured out better and I’m not constantly pulling my hair out.


These pieces were done from an actual photo reference. I was walking by our garden one day and a bird flew into the fence and his claw became stuck in the wire. He was trying to flap away, but was going no where and he was obviously distressed and panicked. After a few minutes, I was able to get him free—but he stayed in my hand. He clasped onto me and wouldn’t let go.

So, I put him on the garden post to recuperate (I think he was a little dizzy or concussed or something) and I ran inside to get my camera. I came back and snapped a photo, later using it for the reference of the geometric piece.

For the dog, well, that’s my dog. So that’s less of an exciting story.

With these pieces, I wanted to stay with triangles only. However, the more I worked, the more I realized that sometimes the occasional trapezoid looked fine (which let’s be real, a trapezoid is like three triangles together, and sometimes the colors of the fur/feathers were so close to one another it didn’t matter or detract from the overall look.) I kept the original colors of the animals as they were, and chose the background color to both compliment the color and let them stand out against the background at the same time, so neutral browns and tans worked best.

Anyway, I am quite proud of these two. I love the way they turned out and can’t wait to finish the rest.


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