Design: Obsession – September 2015

While planning out a couple of posts for this blog, I decided I wanted to do a monthly post about my current design obsession—because that happens quite frequently and I want to share my latest.

For this month, though it only just began, I wanted to write about my current favorites that I learned about in August.


I recently went on my family’s annual weekend vacation up in Copper Harbor, Michigan. I’ve been there a dozen times, but this past trip there was a first: I found an old bookstore. Not a bookstore for old books, an old store for new books. You get it.

Now y’all should know that I’m in love with Rifle Paper Co. So obviously, I’ve wanted to buy the Puffin in Bloom editions of the classic books Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, Little Women, and Heidi, with the covers illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. However, I haven’t had much spare money to buy all of them at once, and not enough to buy one at a time—I only give myself a certain amount for books, and there are just other books I want to buy over these beautiful classics.

Well, up in Copper Harbor, I have a tradition of buying an artist sketchbook from this small store where local artists sell their work—prints, bowls made of wood and copper, glass bottles shaped to become a lamp—and the sketchbooks are usually beautifully made, only a handful of blank pages inside. Last year, there were none left. And this past visit, the price had gone up a little too much while the size of the sketchbooks went down a little too much, and there was glitter and rhinestones instead of the usual stone clasps and hand-printed paper. So I was disappointed and decided to no longer buy one.

Though, I needed a traditional purchase for each year. My mother buys a mug from the smallest little pottery shop every year, and I want something as well. For some reason, I had never heard of the bookstore in Copper Harbor which was once an old barn. And in it, I found several books that I could’ve purchased. There were several that had been on my to-buy list for months.

But then I spotted them. Those same classics from Rifle Paper Co. There were only three: Little Women, A Little Princess, and Anne of Green Gables—Heidi was no where to be found.


Now, since I had the money I was going to purchase a sketchbook with, I knew it was time. It was time to buy one. Now which one? The thickest, largest book of the three, obviously. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I brought it up to the counter and the woman behind it said, “Now, I believe you’ve found the thickest book in the store.”

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s hardcover. And the most gorgeous green. And the illustration is incredible. And the gold foil letters! IT’S SO PRETTY.


It also looks great on this shelf in my room. And, oh look, plenty of space for the other three books…and oh, what’s that? 15% off on the Rifle Paper Co. website today? Hmm…


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