DIY: Spray-Painted Glass Plates


Once upon a time, I had these decorative plates and they were boring as hell. I got them secondhand from my sister and I took them because I thought, maybe I can do something with these. I wasn’t really into the pattern and (as you can see from the photos below) the plates just sort of blend in anywhere I put them because they’re clear.


My first thought was to paint them—go over the pattern with gold or white paint, but then I wouldn’t be able to use them as actual plates or platters if I wanted, because the paint I had wasn’t food safe. They would be stuck on the wall. So then I thought to paint on the back of the plates, letting the color pop through. I’d still be stuck with the pattern, but I thought that maybe I would like the pattern once I added some color—I was right.

This would be perfect for a similar type of clear plate, whether or not there was a pattern on it. Or even bowls—though, I’d tape up the inside to not get paint in there; I only flipped the plates over on the ground to paint on.

To start with, I made sure that the plates were really clean on the back (there was some sticker glue, though, but I left it because I am wild and crazy and I can’t be tamed…and also because that shit is hard to get off without a will-probably-kill-you-if-it-touches-your-skin type of chemical.)


Then I set some newspaper down on the ground in a well-ventilated area…or, like, outside. After laying the plates down, I sprayed the first coat of paint on them. I used spray paint with a matte finish and I love love love it. I have plenty left over and I’ll probably use it again on another project (something to set near these new fancy plates of course).



After I sat there, waiting for the second coat to dry, I realized that they look a lot like giant blue ravioli. And that made me hungry. So I had some lunch and waited another half hour (one hour total) for them to dry completely.

(But for real, do these not look like giant blue ravioli?)


And after an hour of drying…Voila! They are finished.

Now they actually look interesting and add a pop of blue! And the pattern doesn’t look so bad anymore! SPRAY PAINT IS QUEEN.



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