Design: The Dot Series

For the last couple of months, in between classes and working, I’ve been working on some projects that may become something one day—will hopefully become something. As in, I’d love to design different pieces that I could sell as prints or something.

Though, I’m not certain any of the stuff I’ve been working on is good enough or exactly what I want to sell prints of, I thought I’d share one of my favorite series that I’ve been working on. I have about three different series of works that are building up to be quite a lot of pieces, but the series that I’ve been calling “the Dot Series”—because, duh—is my favorite thus far.

It’s a simple design really, but I like the idea of them as large prints. The pieces are all really minimal and modern looking and I love that about them. The gallery below are just a few of my favorites.

The focus on the Dot Series is really about color. How color relates to an image in your head and the word associating along with it. “raspberry” with the colors alone is a bunch of red and pink dots—but once the title is known, an image forms in your head on what it is. You then see raspberries, the color of them growing on wild bushes, the juice when their smashed together, the stain left behind on your fingertips from handling them.

Even with the other pieces, like “egg” or “medley”: it’s all about the color and how it relates to the background, how the colors of each dot is muted with changing the opacity, blending in more of the white, sometimes 100% making them disappear. It’s how a row of the same color can look completely different depending on the opacity. “medley” is exactly that. Each diagonal row is the same color, but it appears to be all random, though the only random pattern is the opacity, not the actual color.

These pieces were me playing around with that idea, tricking the eye a little but keeping the overall piece just an interesting looking piece, a print you could hang on the wall that goes with your new raspberry-pink couch or bright-orange rug.

Within the series are little groups: (berry: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry) (citrus: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit). And then others that go on their own: egg, medley, radiate.

For me, these are just sort of practice. I may do something with them, I may not.

In the future, I may post more about the other series I have going and more that will inevitably follow. I have a lot of ideas that range from simple designs like the Dots, to more complicated ones that take a lot of time to create. If all goes well in the next few months, things will slow down a bit and I’ll have time to work on more!


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