Design: Favorites – Patterns

Instead of getting real specific with all of these, here is a gallery of all my favorite patterns that I found a while ago or that I just found recently—like today.

The black birds on lighter background: I want this as a wallpaper for an accent wall, keeping the birds large and oversized would look incredible. I’m thinking it would be cool in my future office behind my desk. Yes…yes, I can see it now.

I’m also obsessed with the fox stripes. Foxes are my favorite animal (“Really?” you ask confused, having thought I would have said my favorite animal was some sort of bird by the look of this post) and the striping design is so cool. I believe it’s a fabric (links are probably on each pin on the board: here) SOME QUICK THOUGHTS:

  • I am clearly very into feathers right now.
  • Gold arrow/chevron for life.
  • Birds. More birds. Feathers.

Multi-color bunting, feathers, balloons. It’ all so fun! Pops of color! My soul isn’t as dark and twisty as I thought it was! I am slowly growing out of dark, creepy things and getting into floral and colorful and bright. Who am I???

Anyway, I’m so into patterns that are imperfect or asymmetrical or patterns within patterns. All of it is good and versatile. A pattern can go on anything. A digital illustration, a printed card, fabric, wallpaper—patterns, man. They’re great.


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