Mamacita’s: Launch Day!

We originally wanted to have Mamacita’s Salsa Fresca in stores on Cinco de Mayo of this year, but that didn’t happen. So we at least wanted to get in by the 4th of July. And, fortunately, we did!

Though it was a bumpy road, we are currently in Super One Foods in Iron Mountain, Michigan. We have plans to get into more stores and sell at the local farmers market.

The week started off rough, with a rush to get into the store before the 4th, balancing other things, and waiting for a shipment of our labels to come in—stressful. The first day we were in the store, we SOLD OUT.

Yes, I said that. We sold out. We’d sold four containers before we even left the store! The following day, we sold out AGAIN. And the next day? Same thing.

Then we ran out of labels (due to our big shipment being pushed back a week, we had a small amount to work with for the launch—more stress) and had to wait to restock after the 4th of July weekend craziness settled.

It’s been a lot of stress (especially topped off with a medical emergency involving myself—kidney stones: you really, really, really don’t want them if you’ve never had them) but we’ve been able to make it through and the first week of being in stores has officially come to a close.

To many more weeks ahead! We’re beyond excited!

And this may be the last post regarding Mamacita’s on my end. We have a website ( where we will have a blog to continue our journey!


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