Design: Favorites – Paper

I have been collecting (pinning on Pinterest, actually) several designs that are made of or printed on paper. I have really into geometric patterns, illustrated/abstract floral, foxes, and anything gold, lately. And by “lately” I mean the last five years. And now they are really, really in and I couldn’t be more happy.

So the theme with this post is paper.

These are some of my favorite, recent finds on Pinterest that I’ve re-pinned onto this board. And much more will surely be added.

I love the gold, geometric print. The gold foil in the pattern is shiny and textural, and I want to hang it in my room—like, immediately. It would look so good above my bed.

These bookmarks have foxes on them. At first glance, I want them. Then I see that the illustration is adorable and want them more. And then I see that they are PRINTABLE. Free. PDF. You can print them yourself. And use them. And keep them forever. For free. So I download them and print them and there you have it, I have brand new adorable bookmarks for FREEEEEE.

Free things are the best things. (On the Pinterest board, there is a link on the pin of this image there directly to the website that the free (free, FREE) PDF is.)

I’m also into feathers. And the feathers with the geometric patterns of the different wrapping papers is adorable and I want those presents and I don’t even know what is INSIDE THEM but I would keep the presents under a Christmas tree all year round. (Christmas should be a 24/7/365 holiday anyway.)

The geometric, folded paper framed with the different colors is so cool and I’m sure this was some DIY master project for someone but for me, it would turn into a completely crumpled ugly mess that I would eventually throw away. It’s so cool, though. Someone make it for me.

HEY. HEY REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I LOVE FREE STUFF? Those floral tags are also available for download. You can print them. FOR FREE. And cut them out. And punch a hole in them. And tassel them and use them. For free. Love them. Love free stuff.

And to finish, last and certainly most, Rifle Paper Co.

IMG_3672I am obsessed. Like, I go on their website at least once a week—sometimes once a day, if I’m waiting for something to drop in price. I could buy one of each thing and be perfectly content with being a poor, homeless dude living under a make-shift tent made from my new bike and a blanket surrounded by Rifle Paper Co’s entire stock of products.

This last photo (which was taken by me with a phone, so major quality drop in production here) is a corner of my bedroom with a Rifle Paper Co. calendar (the 2015, honey bee themed) that I fell in love with and will frame each of the pages (which are held together by some twine on a hook) to hang on the wall of my blanket/bike tent.

Look: gold, geometric, and floral. All in one. It’s like someone DESIGNED IT FOR ME.2015-honey-bee-wall-calendar-02_1 (1) copy

I also bought a 2014 calendar that was on MEGA-SUPER-SALE because it was in November when I bought it. I plan on hanging these pages on my walls, too. I’m going to need a second blanket for this tent, probably.

For real, I will most likely re-pin a bazillion more paper designs on that pinterest board in the future. Maybe even some more business cards that I love.

Now for real, I’m going to go buy everything on Rifle Paper Co’s site. Someone hold me back. Take my credit card. KEEP ME CHAINED UP, BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING.


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