Mamacita’s: Social Media

With every business, word of your products/services needs to be out there. It needs to be seen and heard and talked about. With technology and the internet being so prevalent in everyday life, these days, the number one thing to capture people’s attention: social media.

For Mamacita’s, I am the manager of our social media accounts. For now, before we get going, I have set up all of the accounts and am building our profiles and feeds and timelines so that when we launch, there’s something to look at.

We will have a Twitter, a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, and a Pinterest. We have some incredible ideas going for each account and what we can do to spread the word in our area about our Salsa Fresca.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.29.36 PM

On out Pinterest, we have boards set up to re-pin stuff we find that align with our brand. We have a special board just for recipes that can be made from our Salsa Fresca that have been tested by us.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.31.23 PM

Our Facebook page and Twitter will be the main hub for all the other social media links. They will keep our customers informed and will help the word about Mamacita’s spread. Instagram is a great way for us to show our customers who follow us online some behind-the-scenes photos and special events we go to.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.28.58 PMWith all our social media accounts, we wanted to keep the style consistent and keep our familiar design from the label and logo throughout, keeping it the same across the board. We are excited for the launch, coming sometime this month!


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