Design: Favorites – Business Cards

I love business cards. Well, I love well-designed business cards. I follow a pinterest board completely dedicated to interesting business card design. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve found:

The cards made of wood are genius and the intricate cut-out lace of the black one is incredible. I love different shapes and colors with cards, but most of all, I love interesting and clever designs. The sees packet and foldable cube cards are amazing.

If someone gave me a card like one of these, I would never forget their business or them. Designs like these make an impact. Absolutely incredible. The entire board is fantastic.

For Mamacita’s, we wanted a simple design that would stand out, but nothing too intricate or elaborate—they will be given to contacts we need to keep in touch with (stores our salsa will be in).


To design them, I used the same pattern that’s throughout our labels, social media, and website for the back of the card and kept our logo front and center so that it would be easily recognizable. With the important information surrounding the logo.

We are incredibly happy with the cards and how they turned out!


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