Mamacita’s: Label Design #1 – Top

When we started working on the logo and label for Mamacita’s, we were really into the idea of having the logo on the top lid of the container for our Salsa Fresca. The container is a 16oz plastic container with a lid round lid. With the circle label in mind, we also wanted a way for our salsa to be as fresh as possible for the consumer.


That brought us to the idea of the tab. We wanted a tab to start from the round label on the top and extend down over the lid to keep it closed, to ensure that our salsa is sealed and remains the freshest it can be.

There were several ideas for the tab design. We though about creating the entire thing to look like a red pepper, like the one in Mamacita’s hand in the logo, but decided against it. This design works best with our overall design and aesthetic of Mamacita’s.

Our label is designed to be simple, to catch the eye of the consumer and make them think “I want that salsa.” Something that makes it stand out against other salsa. Make it something different, something people would want to buy over another.

Now all there needs to be: the side label. The label that is wrapped around the container itself. We’re still working on it and I will post another entry about the side label and hopefully, an example of the packaging all together.

We are extremely excited for Mamacita’s Salsa Fresca to be in local stores soon (U.P. of Michigan). We’re getting closer and closer!


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