Mamacita’s: Logo Design

For years, my mother has been told by people that she should sell her salsa in stores. It’s a great recipe and a type of salsa that is not often seen in stores (salsa fresca, similar to pico de gallo but more finely chopped.)

Together, we decided to go for it and are looking forward to a launch this summer. Mamacita’s Salsa Fresca to start with and we have plans to expand with more products and hopefully expand outside of our local area.

With the design of the logo, we talked about a lot of different ideas. But the main thing we wanted was to have a design that reflected my mother’s style and aesthetic. We wanted something clean and modern—but the packaging to be rustic and fun.


I will update more about our journey with Mamacita’s getting into stores (locally in the upper peninsula of Michigan for now) and will post about the label design and packaging in the future once they are finished and printed.

We are more than excited to get Mamacita’s into stores and see where this new venture takes us.


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