Design: Another Earth – Title Sequence

During this current semester, I’ve been taking a class called Motion Graphics. This is the first time I’ve experienced the use of design within a motion/film medium — I’m in love.

For a long time, I’ve had a passion and love for film. I’ve made short films and videos before and have done it as a hobby — one of many hobbies I have. I’ve seen motion graphics before, but I’ve never really realized that they were something that I could or would want to do.

One of my favorite parts of the film process is the editing and that’s a lot of what motion graphics is. This class has made me realize that motion graphics takes two things that I have a passion for and puts them together: film and design.

For one assignment, we were told to make a title sequence for an existing film. Another Earth is on my Top 5 Favorite Films Ever list, so I chose it for the assignment because I thought it would make an interesting subject (space and two earths) and had an interesting idea of using these for the animation.

Another Earth trailer

There’s a scene in the film where Rhoda (the protagonist of the film) takes a puzzle-box-toy-thingy (that’s as descriptive as I can get, I have no idea what it’s called) which has the sun and the earth and the moon. She flips the sides so that there are two earths on either side of the moon — this visual was the inspiration for my title sequence. (You can see this moment in the trailer above).

For the music, I used three tracks from the score of the film together.

I’m a beginner with motion graphics, and have a lot to learn, but this is my final title sequence for the film:


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