The Start

I am a writer, a designer, and soon-to-be business co-owner.

The reason I wanted to start this blog: I wanted to track my work and ventures in a single space. I wanted a place to share what is happening in my career life, rather than just my personal life like I do on every other social media site.

To start with, a little about me: my name is Kyle Challancin. I was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan and have lived here my entire life. As a child, I was drawn toward anything artistic and creative, playing make-believe and painting and drawing and writing stories. During school, I decided to pursue both writing and design as an adult.

I currently attend the Academy of Art University (AAU). While working on a degree in graphic design, I am actively pursuing publication for the books that I’ve written – and will continue to write regardless if they are ever published.

But for this blog, for now at least, I want to focus on design. Within the next few months, I’m also going to be a part of a new business venture with Mamacita’s, our brand of salsa fresca that will be in local stores soon (and hopefully national stores some day). I am designing all of the labels and promotional material, as well as caring for the social media accounts.

With this blog, I plan to record the process of our launching Mamacita’s and all design projects I do at school or on my own. My hope is to update this blog every week and a half.

Here are a few samples of my work (most of which are student projects):



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